Vertica care – the mobilisation bed

Being bedridden in a supine position means becoming completely passive. It is not possible to eat your meals in the usual way, staff and visitors literally look down on you, and even reading or watching TV is difficult. Sitting upright with the feet firmly supported represents the first step towards normal life.

The Vertica enables the occupant to be moved safely and gently into an upright sitting position – with significantly reduced effort for staff. Electronically controlled, and following exactly the path of natural human movement. This is how the occupant is mobilised.

The advantages

The Vertica care allows the patient to take part in normal life again – without pain or excessive effort.

The key points at a glance

  • The occupant is mobilised following the natural pattern of movement.
  • Sitting comfortably in an upright position allows independent interaction with others.
  • Flexibly adjustable mobilisation supports provide added security for the occupant.
  • The strenuous effort otherwise required to leave the bed via the side of the mattress is no longer necessary
  • No resource-intensive transfers to special chairs

Product configurator

      • Natural beech
      • Bella Noce Choco
      • Royal maple
      • Havana
      • Real cherry
      • Alder, golden red
      • Wild pear, natural
      • Lindberg Oak
      • Truffle Baron Elm

Attention to detail

Current product video

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