Aero4 range – alternating pressure systems for high requirements

The Aero4 mattresses consist of a detailed air cell structure. During the alternating pressure mode 75% of the cells are inflated while the remaining 25% are deflated. The impact of tissue perfusion equals the positive effect of everyday movements of the human body. The patient’s body weight is better distributed and isolated strains are reduced. 

Besides the alternating pressure mode it is possible to set a gentle continuous and equalised pressure within all air cells. The patient sinks further into the mattress which relieves the whole body and creates a comfortable and soothing feeling.

The advantages

The Aero4 Series alternating pressure systems support the prevention of pressure ulcers:

The key points at a glance

  • 1-in-4-cycle – in alternating-pressure-operation, 3/4 cells at a time are pumped and 1/4 reduced in pressure
  • Careful alternation of cell pressure balances everyday movements and prevents spatial disorientation of the patient.
  • The Aero4 plus variant, with a cell height of 24 cm, protects particularly effectively against pressure ulcers
  • Waterproof, breathable, multi-stretch cover for a good microclimate
  • Mattress can be completely washed in the washing machine

Attention to detail

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